the liar

„i’ll be back in a while“
is what i heard her say
at the moment she left
she was gone and away
soon she’ll turn back to me
there’s no reason to doubt
a wicked glint in her eyes
against her lover’s vow

all the friends, all the family
her mother, her child
no calls and no letters
even me she denied
many people in sorrow
sadness all around
„don’t be mad ‚cause tomorrow“,
i guess, „she will be found“

are you near are you far
who can tell where you are
do you suffer from pain?
a victim conflicting
a girl lead astray

you are just a liar
who left us behind
set my heart on fire
extinguished my mind
you are just a liar
devalue our plans
causing uncertainty without
making amends

seven years later it was
a cold winter night
i tried to fall asleep
when i saw a light
got up in confusion
went down to the floor
as someone rang the bell
i openend my door

„you don’t have to let me
in“ she said and she cried
her face covered with tears
of all pleasures deprived
couldn’t count all the hours
waiting for that one day
i said „you missed all chances,
you came back too late“

music: thom / gerlach
lyrics: thom / gerlach