there was a tale a tale
of pain and fear
it is still hurting, i often
feel the queer
i tried to tell you the
thing that makes me sad
you´d only turned and
weren´t looking back
oh i can´t live without you
oh only listen to my tale
don´t leave me this way
oh when you go and
leave me
oh you would hardly push
me down

there´s nothing i need more
but i can just ignore
why must it be tonight

i just want give delight
how can you be so hard
we couldn´t live apart
why must it be tonight
i´ll give you soon delight
i love you but i need some
time to loose my fear
why must it be tonight
sex isn´t just delight

i was so young in fact
i was beguiled
the song she sung was
dark and rather wild
she took my hand
and i could not resist
she whispered sweet,
i sank down to her breas

music: brandt / thom
lyrics: brandt / thom