late night show

another night comes to ist end
the silver clouds light up the sky
for heaven´s sake what have i done
underneath this dying sun

i guess she was unsatisfied
maybe she needs sex tonight
i undress her and so do i
i kissed her legs oh what a night

there´s no need to close your eyes
there is so much to compromise

so find your way and run
too close, too far and gone
don´t try to stay
i´m leaving you today

your feelings never felt the same
i´ve tried for good
too bad i´m gone
the day is over calls the night
you´re in the dark but i´m alight

why can i see white
when your light has gone
why is my smallest difference
your biggest one
for every step i take
you have to walk long time
your dreams will never be mine

music: thom
lyrics: thom / scherer