heart of stone

it´s not the time to
say goodbye
you should take
the chance you get
i know that
you would ever sigh for
being perfect, gay and glad
all your life you strove for more
did you feel the darkest blue
the devil thing which you adore
that weight heavily
on you
guaranteed you´re wrong

have you ever felt alone
guaranteed you´re wrong
your heart will always
be heart of stone

lovely oh lovely sweet vanity
what have you done to this boy

that he will never
agree to other views of other boys

you won´t have an
endless life
sometimes you´ll
die in solitude

no-one gives you blind
a knife to slash the
worst deed you do
all the other people there
you only used to lay the blame
and you know it´s only fair

that you ever live in vain

music: brandt / thom
lyrics: brandt / thom