a shaky thing called love

she’s got arms
she’s got legs
and apparently all the rest
but something’s missing
when we’re kissing
in the park
her lips
pressed on mine
on a sunny valentine day
remind me
of blood cold and dark

for years now
we have been
playing this old love scene
it’s cushier than
to reflect
I dare say it’s only
a matter of habit
a question of time
and respect

do I need this anymore?

no it’s not easy to grasp
what is holding us
always a seesaw
we should approve
I found an answer to cope with
cause it’s enough
I’ll walk on my own way
without that shaky thing called love

„oh my god
please don’t leave,
I need you to achieve
all the wishes
I had
in my life“
but now time’s come for me
and I don’t want to be
a blind passenger
on your drive through life

far be it
from me to deny
we also had great times
but don’t you know that’s
not the point?
there are so
many reasons
you don’t see
a threesome
it’s sure not the
answer of my choice

music: thom / gerlach
lyrics: thom / gerlach